If You Don’t Exit You Don’t Survive In Stock Market | Shashwat Amrev | Josh Talks


Jan 25 2023


Credit :- Josh Talks

In this Josh Talks, Shashwat Amrev shares his inspiring journey of growing in the stock market and also empowering others to achieve their financial goals via the stock market. Growing up Shahswat has a very good life but always faced bullying at school. He was body shamed and this led him to a situation where he even thought of ending his life. But eventually, after many losses, he finally got his ground in trading and with his knowledge, he even started his own course and gained immense success. Today he owns his own business and had made over 4 crores in revenue and shares his journey with us which is surely going to inspire us all to never give up in life. At just 19 years of age Shashwat has shown how one can use the power of stocks to gain success in life.


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