5 नियम जाने बिना Share Market में 1 Paisa मत लगाना l Ujjwal Patni l Warning


Feb 28 2022


The share market comes with a perfect opportunity to increase income. With all the promises and failures, it is still a very mysterious source that attracts and fears people equally. The best thing about investing in stocks is that you can invest a smaller or limited amount. And, with rising expenses and inflation, having multiple sources of wealth creation is more important than ever. In this video, top business coach Dr Ujjwal Patni will share the do’s and don’ts of investing in the share market. ✅ How to invest in share market ✅ How to take calculated risk in share market investment ✅ Is investment is share market is profitable ✅ How to get best return of investment from share market ✅ Best motivational video ever


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